Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Lower your Facility Operation Costs: Green Summer Tips

As we continue on into the hot summer months, businesses guzzle up more and more energy, and therefore cash, to manage their facilities.
Fortunately, summer demands for cool air and green grasses do not need to weigh so heavily on the bank account. There are many ways to save energy and money in the summer at little to no cost to your organization:

1.      Check air conditioning filters. Dusty filters stifle air flow, making your air conditioner work harder to cool the room. Examining these filters each month, and cleaning or replacing them when necessary, can reduce energy costs by 5 to 15%.
2.   Move heat-producing appliances away from the thermostat. Heat-producing appliances, like televisions or lamps, near to the thermostat can trick it into thinking the room temperature is higher than it is. Consequentially, your thermostat will continue to cool when the facility is already at the desired temperature.
3.      Close the blinds. In addition to light, heat transfers easily through window glass. Keeping the heat out will reduce the temperature inside your facility, and therefore, your air conditioning needs.
4.      Wash the refrigerator seals. Stuck on food, dust and dirt may cause the seal to remain partially open, allowing cool air to sneak out. Washing the seals every few weeks will prevent unnecessary energy use.
5.      Cover food and cap drinks in the refrigerator. Uncovered food and drinks create moisture that causes the compressor to overwork. Making sure all fridge contents are covered and lidded will increase the refrigerators efficiency.
6.      Add a rain sensor to your sprinkler system. A rain sensor detects the amount of water the lawn receives from natural rainfall. Then, it adjusts the sprinkler system to spray only the amount of water your lawn still needs. You can keep your grasses green while minimizing water consumption and cost.
                 Significant reductions in energy costs do not require big investments. The most expensive suggestion given here, purchasing a rain sensor, is available for less than twenty dollars. With a few simple steps, you can create greener, cheaper facility operations.