Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rockland County's Business to Business Greening Food Services Forum.

Rockland Community College, in partnership with SUNY Sullivan and Hospitality Green, invites businesses in the region to participate in Rockland County's Business to Business Greening Food Services Forum.

The event will provide an opportunity to learn about specific actions that can improve a company's bottom line and differentiate it from others while contributing to a healthier environment.

Thursday, Sept. 30, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Greening Food Services Forum

Admission: Free

Faculty Dining Room, Cultural Arts Center

Continental breakfast will be provided


County Perspectives on Sustainability
SUNY Rockland's Operational and Program Support for Sustainability
NYSERDA's New Financial Incentives for Commercial Kitchens
Marketing Opportunities for Green Restaurants
Local Food Networks and Alternative Distribution Networks
A peek at your peers – case studies from the region
A unique opportunity to learn how to green your business
For more information, contact Richard Syrek, RCC Dean of the Center for Personal & Professional Development, at 845-574-4465,, or The Office of Workforce Development, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning at SUNY Sullivan at (845) 434-5750 x4398,

Funding provided by the state Pollution Prevention Institute through a grant from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Addition to List of Charitable Organizations

HospitalityGreen would like to thank Kathleen Aldinger of Monroe New York for recommending that we donate some of the soft goods we collect to help US soldiers abroad. HospitalityGreen will be working with Kathleen on getting towels, sheets and other necessities to our servicemen through the website

For the past few years Kathleen has been coordinating the donation of items and raising money for postage to send these goods abroad.

Anysoldier is just the newest addition to the growing list of charities HospitalityGreen has given, or plans to give to.

Monday, June 28, 2010

GC Project Mention in Times Herald-Record

Thank you to Times Herald-Record reporter Adam Bosch and Times Herald-Record Photo Coordinator Steve Borland for the great article and pictures in the paper this past Sunday.

See Article

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HospitalityGreen’s “Green Concierge Project” Extends its Five County “Green” Spring Cleaning for Lodging Facilities.

Thanks to their ongoing participation in The Green Concierge© project this Spring, lodging establishments in the Catskills Watershed Region have kept over four thousand pounds of soft goods out of local landfills.

The hospitality industry routinely disposes of gently used bedding and towels so that customers can rest assured knowing that the soft goods they are using are clean. This year, customers should be happy to hear that Catskill Watershed lodging facilities are “Going Green.” Instead of throwing away these soft goods, many facilities throughout the five counties are donating them to charity by participating in the Green Concierge Project, a Catskills eco-tourism initiative.

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to The Green Concierge Project’s free door-to-door soft goods collection program, HospitalityGreen LLC has decided to extend the deadline for soft goods pickup until the end of June. HospitalityGreen’s staff has been introducing the Green Concierge project since the first week of May to participating facilities while collecting materials for donation.

Thus far, over 4,000 pounds of soft goods have been collected for donation, with over half the total weight coming from facilities in Ulster County. Soft goods project coordinator and Manager of HospitalityGreen, Leo Pucklis, has been in charge of collecting, weighing and donating the soft goods. “With just the donations from the Kingston Holiday Inn, Sparrow Hawk Affaires in Stone Ridge and Catskill Maison in Windham, Greene County we have had to make seven trips. It’s amazing how much stuff we have helped to divert from the landfill.” All materials have been weighed and donations recorded prior to delivering the donations to the local animal shelters, homeless shelters and textile recyclers.

The Green Concierge project is an exciting new economic development initiative proudly sponsored by and funded through grants from the Empire State Development (ESD) and the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC). Over the next three years, approximately 150 tourism and lodging facilities in the Catskill watershed region will receive free one-on-one technical assistance to improve their operational economic and environmental sustainability practices through pollution prevention, resource conservation, recycling and toxic chemical reduction. In addition to technical assistance, some facilities involved in the Green Concierge project will participate in a green certification program that will document and verify their sustainable improvements. For facilities participating in the certification process, a facility baseline assessment and a customized facility improvement plan will be developed. HospitalityGreen LLC, a Sullivan County environmental consulting firm, developed and is spearheading the Green Concierge project.

Facilities eligible to participate in this project include hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds and rental condominiums located in the Catskill watershed of Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster counties. Throughout the month of June, eligible facilities can schedule a pick up by email at or call Leo Pucklis at 845.436.6173 ext.2.

About Green Concierge’s sponsors and funding:
The ESD is responsible for retaining and creating jobs, and generating billions of dollars for local New York State economies. In addition, the ESD encourages economic investment and prosperity by providing knowledgeable and professional level assistance and service to businesses throughout New York State.
The CWC is a local development corporation established in 1997 whose dual mission is to protect the water resources of the New York City (NYC) Catskill-Delaware Watershed west of the Hudson River, and to preserve and assist the communities within this living Watershed. Covering portions of Ulster, Greene, Delaware, Sullivan and Schoharie Counties, CWC’s economic development programs support environmentally responsible businesses to create and retain jobs in the Catskills.
New York State’s Empire State Development (ESD) and the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) are proud sponsors of the Green Concierge project.
For more information on HospitalityGreen and the Green Concierge project visit or call (845) 436-6173.

Evadne Giannini, Principal
P.O. Box 222, 35 Main Street
Mountaindale, NY 12763
Tel: (845) 436-6173

Pictured: Leo Pucklis Manager of HospitalityGreen LLC and Associate Emily Anna Mason

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Catskill Watershed Hospitality Industry - Going Green

(February 2010) The Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) has announced an ambitious three-year project to promote the “greening” of the tourist industry throughout the five-county Watershed region. Over 150 tourist and lodging facilities will receive direct technical assistance from Hospitality Green, LLC to improve pollution prevention, recycling and source reduction practices.

The Green Concierge project is part of New York State’s efforts to promote eco-tourism in the Catskills, as well addressing regional and statewide environmental, economic and industry sector goals. Hospitality Green will provide site visits, assessments, resource tools, and collection assistance for lodging and hospitality facilities in the Catskill watershed in order to institutionalize and quantify “green” practices throughout the region.

One of the unique aspects of the “Green Concierge” project is the use of HG’s proprietary facility assessment and audit tools, which were developed specifically for institutional settings. These tools allow facility managers to track measureable environmental improvements in water and energy usage; solid waste generation, recycling and reuse; purchasing; and chemical usage. Facilities are thus able to create and implement individualized facility improvement plans and track their progress toward source reduction goals.

Because of CWC’s role in maintaining a clean water system for the 9 million residents of New York City metropolitan area, emphasis on water conservation and chemical reduction are particularly important in the Catskills. Ninety percent of the 1.3 billion gallons of water consumed daily by New York City and surrounding communities comes from the six reservoirs in the Catskill Mountain/ Delaware River region of New York state.

Funding for the “Green Concierge” project is coming from a $74,000 grant from New York State’s economic development agency, Empire State Development Corp., along with $50,000 from the CWC’s Catskill Fund for the Future. Facilities eligible to participate in this project include hotels, inns, bed and breakfast establishments, campgrounds and rental condominiums. Interested facility managers in the five county region should contact Hospitality Green at 845.436.6173.

The Catskill Watershed Corporation is a Local Development Corporation established in 1997 to protect the water resources of the New York City (NYC) watershed located west of the Hudson River. Covering portions of Ulster, Green, Delaware, Sullivan and Schoharie Counties, CWC’s mission also extends to preserving and strengthening communities in the region as well as increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of the NYC Water System. (For general information about the CWC, please visit

Hospitality Green, LLC, is based in Mountaindale, Sullivan County, NY. For more information on Hospitality Green, please visit

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vermont says, "Take It Back!"

The latest news on Product Stewardship from Resource Recycling

Vermont to dramatically shift costs of recycling

Beverage industry representatives in Vermont have extended a draft proposal which would repeal the Green Mountain State's bottle bill and replace it with an extended producer responsibility program. The Vermont Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2010 (VEPRA) would use packaging and printed materials as the first products to test out a manufacturer financed and run EPR program, beginning March 1, 2012 (thanks to the Product Stewardship Institute for the link).

Under the proposed initiative firms such as beverage and food producers, as well as newspaper and magazine publishers — the producers of the materials to be managed — would pay for the potential cost of recycling in Vermont.

"VEPRA establishes packaging and printed material as the first designated wastes in Vermont and sets forth a process under which producers of these products must develop plans for recovering these materials and financing the program through fees," according to the summary of the measure. "The Secretary of Natural Resources must approve the plans after which the producers have one year to implement the program."

According to industry sources, paper industry and grocers have not been approached yet, though extensive meetings have been held with local solid waste agencies and waste haulers. One key player suggests this bill will "begin the conversation," and that it may take two sessions to get it passed.